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                [Qianjiang Forum]: Analysis on the Applying of the Declaration of National Natural Fund

                Announcer:Announcer:News Center Translator (Intern):Li TianruRelease time:2019-10-28Views:1063

                Report Theme: Analysis on the Applying of the Declaration of National Natural Fund

                Presenter: Professor Yan Shubin

                Reporting time: 13:30 PM, October 29

                Place of reporting: Conference Room 708, Teaching and Research Building

                Hosted by: College of Electrical Engineering & Science and Technology Department

                Presenter Introduction:

                Yan Shubin is a PhD, Professor, doctoral supervisor and postdoctoral of Tsinghua University, as well as a visiting scholar of Tennessee University, Arkansas University and Wuhan University. He has been awarded the honors of Leading Talents in Emerging Industries, Top Backbone Talents in Shanxi Province and Academic Technology Leader and so on. He is mainly engaged in the research work of micro-nano optical sensing and micro-nano manufacturing. His current research interests are in molecular and atomic physics, quantum sensing, chip atomic clock, high Q optical micro-cavity sensor theory and system integration.

                In recent years, he has published 151 academic papers in domestic and foreign well-known journals such as Applied Physics Letters, among which 41 were included in SCI, 54 in EI and 56 in core journals. He has authorized 39 national invention patents and participated in the publication of one academic monograph. He presided over 6 national natural science foundation of China projects, 13 provincial and ministerial-level projects, as well as one national major research program of the Ministry of Science and Technology. He participated in 4 national 973 pre-research projects, 6 national natural science foundation projects, and more than 10 other provincial and ministerial projects.